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General Questions

Why does everyone need to create an account to see the site?

In order to offer the lowest possible prices, a large number of our vendors require that we be a members-only site. This allows us to list great products for the community while keeping our vendors happy.

What is MRP and where does GroupDrop get this number?

MRP, or the "Manufacturer's Retail Price," is the selling price that is recommended to retailers by the vendor. This number allows us to calculate the size of the discount given to our community. Some products are very hard to find under MRP and others can often be found for less. The MRP is a useful tool for understanding how much a product costs in the general marketplace, and we strive to offer all of our products under the MRP.

Joining Drops

What's happens when I 'Join Now'?

By selecting "Join Now," you are asked to pay a token joining amount to confirm your interest in the product. By joining, you only book your product and will be asked to pay the remaining amount if the lowest price point is unlocked. This amount is taken to ensure that only serious buyers join each drop. The token amount is generally under INR 10,000/- and depends on the MRP of the product. So, the smaller the MRP, the smaller the joining amount. This joining amount is refunded back to you in full if the lowest price is not unlocked.

What can I do to help a drop get a better price?

The more people that join a drop, the lower the price gets! Spread the word by telling your friends and family about your drop;post it to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and any other social networks. Sharing makes it possible for more companies to work with the group, so the more you do it, the more products we can offer.

Is there a limit to the number of quantities I can purchase for each drop?

On most drops, you can buy only one product in each drop. This ensures that the drop is available to as many people as possible.

What if we don't get enough people join a drop?

If too few people join a drop and the lowest price point isn’t reached before the drop expires, the order is not placed and token joining amount is refunded immediately (there may be certain cases where the refund can take upto 48 hours depending on the mode of payment adopted by the user). The drop will remain in our database and you can click the "Request" button to be notified if and when the drop becomes live again. If there are enough requests, we will do our best to run another drop in the future.

Can I cancel my order or change my order?

Once your have joined a drop, you can cancel your order but you will not be refunded the token joining amount. We do this to ensure that only serious buyers join each drop. That said, if not enough people join the drop to unlock the lowest, your money is refunded back in full. When a drop is complete, you do not have an option to cancel the drop. When submitting large orders, we are not allowed to return individual units for refunds.

What happens when a drop ends?

As soon as a drop ends, you are given 48 hours to make the remaining payment. We collect that money from all of the drop participants and place a single order with the vendor, who then prepares the order and ships it in one of the following two ways:

  1. GroupDrop. Once we receive the shipment, we break down the crates of products, repackage everything, and ship out everyone’s individual orders.

  2. Directly to you.

The method depends on our understanding with the vendor. That said, the delivery price is included in the overall drop price for products that can be delivered at your desired location. In case there is an added delivery price, it is mentioned on the drop page and the consumer is charged for the same at the end of the drop.

For products that need to be collect by the buyer such as cars and bikes (and other non-deliverable products), the pick-up details are clearly defined by GroupDrop and the cost for the same, if any, needs to borne by the buyer.

After a drop has enough new requests, when will it be launched again?

When a drop hits enough new requests, it is brought to the attention of the buying team and they spend extra time looking to bring back those products. The time it takes to re-launch a drop depends on whether or not we can source enough inventory from the vendor to run another drop. Generally, drops that have been re-run multiple times in the past can be dropped again within 2 to 3 months after the last drop. We do our best to re-run popular drops but it always depends on the availability of inventory.

After a Drop is Successful

How do I check on my order?

In the Transactions page of your GroupDrop account, you can check your order status, shipping information, and payment status. You can also find updated shipping and product information in the Discussion forum on the drop page.

Can I get an update on the drop that I participated in?

From the end of the drop to the shipping of individual orders, we do our best to keep the community updated every step of the way. If a drop experiences any shipping delays, we will always let the community know. If you do not see an update, it means  that everything is progressing as expected. All updates will be posted to the product’s Discussion page or sent out in an e-mail. Please note that when we promise an update, the given timeframe is in Indian Standard Time (IST). For example, if we promise an update on December 1st (12/1), we will post something before 11:59 PM IST on 12/1.

What's the cause for the delay? Why is it taking so long?

While we do our best to make sure each drop progresses as smoothly as possible, occasionally drops do experience delays that are out of our control. Such delays could include the vendor being slow to send us the bulk order or there could be a delay at customs (since some of our vendors are international). The good news is that we have the experience to deal with all of these issues and we will make sure they get resolved as quickly as possible.

How are domestic orders shipped?

Most domestic orders ship through our delivery partners, depending on the drop and our understanding with the vendors.

Can I combine shipping for multiple orders?

Due to the nature of our system, we cannot provide combined shipping unless you order multiple quantities from the same drop.

Why are drops only available domestically?

We are growing, and soon we intend to ship across the world!

Can a drop end early?

Sometimes, drops have a limited number of quantities available for purchase. Once this limit has been reached, the drop will automatically close. As such, while all of our drops are scheduled to run for seven days, quantity-limited ones may end before that.


When am I charged?

Due to the nature of community buying, you need to make two payments for every product you buy on GroupDrop unless stated otherwise. First, you will be asked to pay a token amount for joining a drop. This is to ensure that the number of people who join, are truly interested in the product. Second, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount within 48 hours of the join ending unless stated otherwise. Depending on the payment method you use, you may see a hold placed on your account at the time of joining. If the drop is successful, the funds will be captured at the end of the drop and you will be notified to make the remaining payment. Each drop participant is charged the same price based on the price point that was reached. If the drop is unsuccessful, the hold will be released and your account will not be charged.

My transaction says that there is a payment error, what do I do?

If we are unable to collect money from the payment method provided, your payment status will be listed as an error. When this happens, a payment alert is automatically sent to the email address associated with your GroupDrop account. You will have 24 hours to re-submit a working payment method so that you can remain included in the drop.

How do I change my payment information?

To join a drop our system will let you use any payment method of your choice. To complete the drop you can use an alternate mode of payment as long as you use the correct link to pay the remaining amount. Once you have made any of the two payments, the system will not allow you to modify the payment method.

Why does the payment status say pending?

If the drop is still active, the payment status for your transaction will be listed as "Pending". Once the drop ends and you pay the remaining amount, the payment status should automatically update.

How will the purchase appear on my bank statement?

Your purchase will appear generically as a transaction for your purchase amount to GroupDrop Online Private Limited. There will be no product descriptions.

Are prices in INR?

Yes, all prices are in INR.

How do we pay for cars and other non-shippable items?

The transaction to join a drop for a car is the same as that for any other product. However, we understand that purchasing a car is more complicated than buying any household product, and the process has been designed keeping that in mind. You can join a drop in the same way you join a drop for any other product on GroupDrop. The main difference is that at the end of the drop you only pay a small amount as compared to the actual cost of the car. Once paid, you get a document from us confirming your participation and that document can be used at the dealership to get the car at the discounted price. The transaction with the dealership would be the same as if you were buying any car without GroupDrop’s involvement. This way you can get different payment options, buy other accessories, and other nuances. If there are any restrictions to this process, they will be mentioned clearly on the drop page.


When will my order ship?

Every drop has different shipping times based on production and order lead times. We list the estimated shipping date on the bottom of each product page under "Shipping". This is our expected shipping date if there are no production or inbound delays.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times can vary from drop to drop depending on how quickly the vendor can deliver. Customers in India can expect to receive their product within 3 to 5 business days from the date of shipping. Please keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and shipments can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances like postal strikes or severe weather.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We currently ship to only a select number of cities in the country.

Will I get a tracking number?

No. We keep everyone updated on the status of the order through the discussions page of that particular drop. If your order is delayed due beyond the point promised, you can contact us at and we will make sure we track the order down for you.

Can you declare my package as a gift or at a lower value?

We cannot under declare the value of the packages or mark them as anything but merchandise. To do otherwise would be a direct violation of customs regulations and is illegal in India.

How do you deliver cars and other non-shippable items?

For cars purchased on GroupDrop, you are only asked to make a part payment basis which we give you a document that can be used to purchase your car from the dealership of your convenience. The transaction works in the same way as if you were to buy a car without our help and you get all the benefits of buying a car. The only difference is that you pay the price closed on GroupDrop.

My friend wants to buy the same car, can he get a discount too?

If you friend or family member were a part of the drop, they will get the same document you get and can avail the same discount on the car as you. However, if your friend or family member was not a part of the drop, he will not be able to avail the same discount and will have to negotiate his own rate with the dealership. He will not be able to piggyback on the deal you have received.

After Receiving the Drop

Is GroupDrop an authorized seller of each product? Do you offer product warranties?

GroupDrop isn’t a store or retailer; we are an online platform that makes it possible for people to buy together. As a result, our relationships with vendors are less typical than a normal online store. For any product defects, warranties, or malfunctions, please contact us and we will coordinate the exchange or repair on your behalf.

What is GroupDrop's return policy?

We do not accept returns of the products purchased on our site. Since we only order the exact quantities needed for each drop, we do not carry extra inventory and cannot return unsold or returned products. Each drop is run for an extended period of time to allow members the opportunity to research whether a product is right for them.

Why can’t I exchange my fashion item?

We only order the exact quantities needed for each drop, so we do not have extra inventory to provide exchanges due to sizing issues.

GroupDrop User Account

How do I change my email?

Email addresses can be updated.

How do I change my default shipping address?

The default shipping address is the address you last used when joining a drop. When you join a new drop, you can enter a new shipping address and it will automatically be saved in our system.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password via the User Settings page in your GroupDrop account. This is only possible if you have logged in through an e-mail. You will not get this option if you have used Facebook or Google Plus to login. To change your password, you need to type the desired password in the appropriate field and click “Save Changes.”

How do I change my e-mail settings?

In the settings tab, you can opt-out of specific e-mails.


How do I become a vendor or sell through GroupDrop?

Contact us through the vendor form and select "Selling on GroupDrop" from the drop-down menu Please tell us what product(s) you are interested in selling and provide us with all relevant contact information and links to your website (if applicable).

Who chooses your products?

Most of the products on our site are chosen by the GroupDrop Community. Users can create votes for categories of products they would like us to carry. Other users can weigh in on the discussion and vote for the products they want the most. After the vote results are in, our buying team contacts the manufacturer and attempts to organize a drop.

Some of our products are recommended to us by manufacturers we have already established relationships with, or are selected by the Buyers and Community Managers working at GroupDrop.

I have an idea for a product. What do I do?

Create a vote of your own or add your product as an option to an existing vote.

Vote Guidelines

I have an idea for a product, what do I do? (Create a vote!)

After logging into your GroupDrop account you will click on the community you would like to create a vote for. Then click votes. Once here you could either create a new vote or add items to existing votes.

When creating a vote it is required that you assign the vote to its appropriate grouping by using the correct bucket outlined below. This will help with vote searches and overall navigation through votes. When creating your new vote you must include the [Bucket Tag] before the title of the vote. Please see below for an overview of each bucket with examples:

What are the different buckets for votes and their associated tags?

Single Product vote - [Product]

  • These types of votes will be used to measure interest in a single product that typically dominates every other vote it appears in. They feature more well-known quantities as far as products go and are things we are always working to bring to to the site.

  • There should be only two options in the vote, one for the desired product (Yes) and one against the same item (No).

  • Examples:

    • Sennheiser HD800

    • Nikon D3300

Comparison vote - [Compare]

  • Submit this kind of vote when you want to rally the masses behind a few similar products. You know you want a new camera, but which model is best, with what kind of functions, and which is most likely to succeed with a group? Let the community help you decide.

  • Examples:

    • Best headphone for under INR 10,000

    • Nikon D3300 vs Canon EOS 100D

Community vote - [Community]

  • Sometimes you just want to discuss which pair of headphones you use most or your best pair of selvedge denim. These types of votes might have a much broader scope and encourage submissions by other members.

  • Show off your new setup or something you made yourself to get a conversation going. “Share your __” conversations would also go here.

  • Examples:

    • What is your daily driver?

    • What is your favorite pen?

What happens if I do not include the Bucket Tag?

Your vote will be deleted as it does not meet the vote guidelines.

Invite Friends

I've invited 5 friends using the link provided and they've all purchased on GroupDrop, what's next?

After you have successfully referred 5 friends and achieved the first Gift Box level, a member of the marketing team from GroupDrop will contact you directly via email. You can also email

How can I find out how many people I've successfully referred?

At the bottom of your transaction page you will be able to see the transactions completed by the friends you have invited on the platform. You will be able to see only the first transaction done by each of the friends you have invited on Groupdrop.

I Have More Questions!

Write to us at