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About Us

We sell stuff,
to a group of people
who meet on our website,
share similar interests, and who seek to buy a product of their choice for the best rates!


A while back, the Indian news flashed
a bunch of people purchasing 150 Mercedes cars
for a high discounted deal in a city in India.
The founders thought, what if we can offer this
opportunity to everyone via the digital space?
The team thus met and developed a business model to help
like minded people meet with one another
on a common platform, share opinions and buy big tickets products
of their choice for irresistible deals.


Gaurav heads Toughalt India, which is the largest player in the country for Bitumen drum manufacturing. Gaurav went to engineering college at Bombay Institute of Technology and way ahead of time setup a portal called in the late nineties. Years later he has ventured into the E-commerce space with the revolutionary idea of 'GroupDrop'.


Sanjay is an MBA Graduate from IIM A with 23.5 years of rich experience in the domain of Business Development, Brand Management, Marketing Communications, Business Planning, Sales and Account Management.


Leverage the power of the people in community purchase!
To be the preferred space to buy what you need, and not what is offered
with the best price.