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Welcome to GroupDrop India’s premiere group buying website. We at GroupDrop are here to change the future of how you buy products of your choice and redefine online group shopping in India. We are the single destination where you can meet like-minded people, share opinions to make informed purchase decisions and save big bucks through group buying deals!

GroupDrop strives to serve car buyers and owners in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible. We provide a platform where car buyers and owners can research and come together to discuss and talk about cars and also get great group deals on cars. Groupdrop in an online community for car enthusiasts where they connect and discuss everything about cars if you are looking to buy a car then GorupDrop helps you get fabulous discounts on cars.

Can’t decide what suits your needs better, a Hatchback, a sedan or a SUV? Or you are not sure which SUV to buy? Start a vote and the community will help you arrive at a decision. Discuss the cars that matter to you and then vote to decide which car you would like to buy together.

Once you decide what car you want to buy, GroupDrop contacts the vendor directly on behalf of the Group. All cars on GroupDrop are chosen, created or inspired by people like you- we call them drops. Join a drop and share in the experience with the community.

How does GroupDrop work?

  1. Search for the car that you are looking for or browse through the cars category to pick one that interests you
  2. Not sure what car to buy? Check out an existing vote or start a new vote so people can help with the best car for you to buy.
  3. If enough people show interest, we start a ‘Drop’. To participate in a drop, you have to pay a token amount.
  4. If the required number of people don’t sign-up for a drop before it expires, the order is not placed and the token amount is refunded immediately
  5. Once the required number of people have signed up for a drop you have 48 hours to make the balance payment for the booking amount of your car and Groupdrop places an order with the dealer to get your car.